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Counseling Children, Consulting with Parents,      Working with Teachers

Children and their families often have a hard time coping with issues related to school, life changes, and peer friendships. Dr. Holly Shaw works each week with both the child and the parent to assess progress on goals.

Individual treatment time is then given each week to the child. Treatment modalities include behavioral approaches, social skills, EMDR, play therapy, sandtray therapy and art therapy. Dr. Shaw is a Registered Play Therapist.

With parental consent, Dr. Shaw can work with the child's teachers to make sure that all involved are working on common goals.  If the child has a 504 plan or an IEP plan at school, Dr. Shaw can align treatment goals in therapy to be consistent with school goals.

When more intervention is needed, and parents are in agreement, Dr. Shaw is happy to consult with school counselors, or the school psychologist.

For children eight and under, play therapy is often appropriate to help determine what emotions are coming up for the child. For children from about age seven and up, sandtray therapy is often appropriate to help child express difficult emotions.
If the child has had many stressful life events and/or trauma, Dr. Shaw can also provide EMDR. Dr. Shaw is a Certified EMDR Therapist.